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Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, foot traffic on main street is at a record low, making it very hard for retailers to attract the kind of traffic they are used to, especially during a critical season like the winter holidays. But, instead of trying to lure in shoppers simply by lowering prices or holding massive sales events, innovative companies from around the world are utilizing immersive 3D virtual tours with eCommerce to reinvent or improve the shopping experience.


Benefits of Retail

Transport people to your store instantly - At its most basic level, creating a virtual tour is a great way to transport people to your store so they can get a feel for the products you are offering in an environment that is warmer and more holistically integrated than most commerce sites that only show products on a white background.

Add ecommerce - By using virtual tours and adding eCommerce, people can continue to buy your products even if they can’t visit your store in person.

Enhance storytelling - A virtual tour is not just a chance to let people experience your products in a more natural environment, you can actually enhance the storytelling behind the products by embedding images, audio, video, and text to tell a much richer story.

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