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Event Venues

Stop relying on traditional commercial photography and video to attract new business. Allow potential clients and event decision makers to see exactly how your venue looks like. Providing customers 24/7 access to your venue spaces, allowing them to visualize their meeting or event, is proven to increase direct bookings. 

Stand out from the competition - that use standard photo gallery and video - by adopting cutting edge technology to showcase your venue.


Benefits of Event Venues

Save time and money: Clients can get a pre-existing idea of what your venue is like, prior to an in-person visit. This alone will save hours of wasted time and money, showing around clients that might not be really interested.

The 3D dollhouse model, can allow customers to see a birds-eye layout of each space/floor/meeting room, giving them a full understanding of the venue.

Provide event planners the ability to envision, manipulate and adjust the space, configure multi-use spaces in several ways (e.g. wedding reception setup or corporate event).

Increase exposure and attract more authentic traffic to your site.

Combine virtual tour with other media tools, to provide additional/useful info via videos and audio files by clicking on Info Pins, placed on the virtual venue.

Set up virtual meetings with suppliers, to speed up the planning process and save time and cost from repeated in-person meetings.

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