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Hotels & Tourism

Virtual touring allows visitors to move through at their own pace, looking from every direction, from multiple angles to gain an unprecedented level of knowledge about what they’re going to be paying for, all from their pc, tablet or smartphone. 

Attract more guests, increase online revenue, and generate more bookings.


Benefits of Hotels & Tourism

Increased Bookings
Hotels with a virtual tour included, are clicked, on average, 10 times more than those without one. Virtual tours make your website appealing and highlight captivating aspects of your hotel, which helps increase traffic. With a high-quality virtual tour and straightforward booking process, more customers will be motivated to make direct bookings with your hotel. You can even add direct calls-to-action at strategic points in the tour, that lead to the booking page

Increases website retention

This media generates a higher level of curiosity and engagement. Users are likelier to stick around and see what else your property can offer. The more they stay on your website, the bigger the chances of them proceeding to a booking.

Creates a sense of value
Having interactive media in your listing, will let the consumer know you care enough to invest money and time in the way you market your property, thus creating an additional value for your hotel.

Long-Lasting First Impression
Having great visual content to represent your hotel -such as a virtual tour- can truly create a marvelous first impression.
Interactive Experiences

Virtual tours and interactive media, give your guests control over their experience. Every visitor has unique needs and can interact with the media by zooming in or panning up, down, left and right. Customers love having the freedom to choose what to view.

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