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Luxurious House

Showcase Properties, Venues, Commercial Spaces

and Businesses in an Innovating Way

Virtual space goes far beyond your standard 360 tour. It’s the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property, store, event venue or any type of space, online and enables viewers to feel like they’re really there.

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Elevate your business with 3D Virtual Touring. Increase online engagement rates, drive sales and achieve cost efficiency.



Virtual Walkthough

Invite potential clients to virtually walkthrough your space and envision themselves in your property, walking around and seeing every single spot, taking a close up look to the objects they see, passing through the rooms… on the screen of their computer or smartphone. The power of virtual tour will change the way others look at your business forever. Virtual is the new reality.



One of the best aspects of the virtual tour platform technology is that it transforms the 3D virtual tour into a 3D Dollhouse of your space. This completely unique 3D Dollhouse gives users an even clearer sense of space and size that’s simply unparalleled by 2D photos and videos alone.


Cross Platform

Plugin your 3D space on your website. View from any browser/device and share easily on social media sites.



Embed additional photos, videos, or audio files on clickable pins to provide more detail info.



Measure space or any object within it, while offsite. Perform remote inspections, manage virtual staging, and reduce site visit cost.


Floor Plans

We provide accurate floor plans of your space. Extremely useful for event venues, expositions, and shops.


Multiple Setups

We can provide different floor setups for multiple function rooms. This helps visitors to experience different room layouts and maximizes function room potential.


360 4K pictures

We can extract 360 photos in 4K quality, saving time and cost of hiring additional photographers.


Google Street View

Publish to Google Street View.


Virtual Reality

Multiply the immersive experience of the virtual tour by using a virtual headset.



Enhance the virtual tour with aerial shots of the property surrounding area.

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Real Estate & Property

24/7 open house

accessible from

any device anytime

Provide you prospective clients the opportunity to put themselves inside the house and see every room of their potential new home, any time, at the comfort of their own space.

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Event Venues

Increase bookings

save time, cut costs

At a time that physical travel and site visits have been minimized due to social distancing, the virtual tour now becomes the closest possible approximation of being able to ‘see for yourself’ what the space is all about.

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Virtual Retail Store

Give to your online visitors an amazing immersive visual shopping experience by allowing them to simply click on ‘what they see’ to shop!

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Hotels & Tourism

Converting browsing to booking

Provide visitors a truly immersive way to view hotel facilities and experience the ‘look n’ feel’ of the premises, as if they were there!

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Bringing your

customer inside

Apart from the quality of the food and the décor of the place, general ambiance makes the difference for any restaurant! And the best tool for you to present it to potential customers is a stunning virtual tour.

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Virtual space is the creation of, a pioneer photo marketing agency with a rich clientele spanning over 10 years and 3000 events!.

Official service provider of Matterport Inc. in Greece.

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